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AdMore®’s Goal:

As the leader of and passionate advocate for results driven, performance based TV advertising;
AdMore®’s goal is to bring addition brand advertising dollars to the local TV marketplace.

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The AdMore® platform provides short form, recognizable national brand advertisers in scale; delivered quickly, reliably and digitally.

  • Payments for placement come as fixed, competitive market rate CPMs.
  • No minimum clearance guarantees or make goods are ever required.
  • Nielsen provides you with impression data for all measured airings – whether or not a station subscribes to Nielsen.
  • Nielsen verified impression data determines the revenue you earn for each spot aired; 24/7/365.
  • Immediate access to impression data is made available through our proprietary dashboard for complete transparency.
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Easy to Implement – AdMore® is an automated ad platform that brings you incremental success.

  • Spots come from National brand advertisers.
  • Air campaigns without the need for make goods or minimum clearance requirements.
  • Creatives delivered digitally in the format you specify.
  • Short form :15/:30/:60 creative lengths.
  • Automated payment mechanisms are in place – there’s never a need to invoice us for remittance.

Take advantage of this easy to implement new revenue stream. Increase your stations’s revenue with AdMore®… Contact us today!

We work with local broadcasters and station groups covering every DMA and affiliate across the country. All impressions count, so insert anywhere you have an audience and remember higher revenue comes from higher impression totals.

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“REVShare has definitely helped us make extra revenue. You can make some real money with AdMore®.” Brian Phillippi WAXN-TV

“The offers available through the AdMore® program are varied and interesting to viewers; from a tasteful alcoholic beverage offer to a clothing line and even hotel accommodations. The revenue we’ve received with AdMore® has greatly exceeded what we have seen using the traditional per inquiry offers.” Susan Hendrickson KVOS-TV

“Since LilaMax Media launched barter license fees with our TV station clients, we have seen steady growth on the local client stations side and REVShare’s revenues have mirrored that growth. REVShare’s addition of CPM’s coincided with our new relationship and has been win-win for LilaMax Media and REVShare. Your friendly and professional attitude combined with the attention you give LilaMax Media has made the relationship between our two companies be as good as any I have experienced in my more than 28 years in TV syndication. I would categorize your customer service as World Class.” Bob Morris COO/Co-Founder LilaMax Media