Admore® Access

Set Your Own Targets

Agility Across Audiences, yet Always at Scale

Break free of the usual confines of geography or stand-alone traditional demographics and focus instead on the customers you care about most, using whatever criteria you choose to use to define them.

Demo Blends

Of course you can target your audience by age or gender or household income or ethnicity. That’s simple. But AdMore can also overlay any or all of those different factors against one another or relative to more complex behavioral indices in real-time. Reach over-active Seniors or stay-at-home Millennials. Or capture both simultaneously. Don’t just focus on the Latino market. Target the Hispanic community based upon people’s homeland origins, new locale, or virtually any other parameter.


Red state, blue state. Red people who live in blue states. Blue people who live in red states. Is that guy surfing the web for the new 2019 car models the same high-yield prospect as the one walking the Lexus lot on Saturday afternoon – or someone entirely different? AdMore helps you to figure out interest versus intent and any other incremental segment within that spectrum. Test different creative with the same people, or the same creative with different people, or try two forms of creative in the same or different parts of the country – all so you can boost results and shift on the fly efficiently.


An emerging landscape where entertainment and information is completely unmoored from any specific location, schedule or medium is anxiety provoking to some, but liberating to many. Today, whim is what determines anyone’s choice on how to entertain or inform him or herself at any given time. AdMore can help you to follow that interest. Want to find the people who get up each morning and watch news – wherever it is – we can do that in individual communities or across the entire nation. Say you’re a studio with a major popcorn movie release, AdMore can help you to heavy up with an aggressive four-day rotation in like-minded content wherever it is.

Program Specific

Back in the day, you would buy a 30-second spot in the most popular primetime series that ABC, CBS or NBC had to offer and call it a successful plan. That’s no longer the case. But you can still build significant results on the back of hit programs. You just need to aggregate it across more expressions. Perhaps you’re interested in “The Big Bang Theory,” but not just on CBS, you can get it on TBS, a tapestry of different stations and time slots in syndication, as well as CBS All-Access. And if it’s Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day or Back to School, AdMore can help you to identify and utilize certain holiday or event-themed episodes.