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Immediate Results = Fast Adaptations

Show, not sell. Our reporting is immediate and transparent, enabling you to gather information fast and change strategy as any need arises. We’re fortunate to work across nearly every major business vertical from Retail to Restaurants, Automotive to Entertainment, and much, much more. Here are some of the business segments in which we’re currently most active:


BMW, Daimler Chrysler, Discount Tire, Exxon Mobil, Lexus, Toyota

Business Services

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), REMAX, United States Postal Service


AMAZON,, Go Daddy, Zulilly


Florida Adult Education, University of Tennessee, University of Utah

Entertainment & Media

ABC, BET Networks, Dreamworks, NBA

Food & Beverages

Canada Dry, Dr. Pepper, Heinz, Hershey’s

Healthcare & Wellness, CPG

Coty-Rimmel, Hefty, Nature’s Bounty, Nature’s Way, PediaSure, Sonicare, Tempur+Sealy

Home Improvement

Benjamin Moore Paints, Duck Tape, Moen


Blue Cross, Blue Shield Cincinnati Insurance, Farmers


California Earthquake Authority, Suicide Prevention

Pet Care

Cat’s Pride


Allegra-D, Merck Belsomra, Xarelto


Applebee’s, Chili’s, Cracker Barrel, Denny’s, IHOP, Joe’s Crab Shack, Taco Bell


Big Lots, Burlington, L’Oreal, Nikon, Victoria’s Secret

Travel & Tourism

Aruba Tourism, Choice Hotels, Destination Weddings, SeaWorld

We enjoy how every new or established brand boasts its own unique creative and marketplace complexities. Our key differentiator is quantitative, positive results driven by greater efficiencies, productive relationships, innovation amidst fast-emerging media, and sheer will to disrupt traditional business practices to outwork even the most entrenched competition. Here are just a few recent examples of our successful campaigns:

Fast and Agile – And Still Thorough

The Challenge – One of our most important automotive clients had only a week to build awareness for a weekend-long holiday sale. The client assumed that buying expensive primetime inventory on one network was the fastest route since that’s what they had done before. But AdMore presented an opportunity to hyper-target high-yield auto enthusiasts, minivan/van/truck owners, and people intending to buy new tires within the next six months, using five different day-parts, on several different local broadcast affiliates, spanning 60 key cities where the weekend sales were set to take place.

The Result – The AdMore campaign accelerated customer awareness by more than 83 percent, while also increasing brand favorability and target impressions. Revving up less expensive daytime inventory – as opposed to higher priced primetime alone – fueled a particularly robust brand lift and positive recognition, two of the auto client’s most vital components to crossing the finish line to actual sales.

Always Pays to Keep Good (Media) Company

The Challenge – One of our largest quick service restaurant chains wanted to engage professional women with moderate-to-higher incomes to increase awareness, brand favorability and intent to visit over the next nine months. AdMore tapped its deep relationships with several of cable TV’s most prolific (and often competitive) portfolios to offer up a healthy banquet of female-friendly brands ranging from Oprah to Hallmark to National Geographic, among several other premium environments.

The Result – The more often working women saw the AdMore campaign, the more they agreed with the most tasty brand attributes convincing them to come and visit. Double-digit exposures meant double-digit boosts in trust that the restaurant involved “serves high quality food,” “provides a satisfying dining experience” and is “a good place to eat with family and friends.” Married and single women both responded positively, but the campaign was particularly effective with female professionals aged 25-39 who’d yet to solidify their more casual dining alternatives.

Advanced TV Skins the Cross-Platform Cat

The Challenge – One of our most innovative film and TV marketers was taxed with trying to launch an independently produced, foreign language film to brazen young men who can’t get enough horror and chic young women who gravitate toward intellectual thrillers. Even though most Hollywood campaigns tend to begin with big bucks national TV, radio and outdoor blitzes, AdMore helped this boutique partner to create a network-free outreach that instead relied on programmatic TV, mobile TV apps, and OTT streaming, complemented by frequent doses of online digital and social media.

The Result – Combining programmatic TV, mobile TV apps, and OTT streaming lowered typical linear TV costs by nearly 60 percent, and still proved more than 30 percent more effective, scaring up 2.6 times the impressions among the film’s target audience. With only five days to execute, AdMore helped this independent French flick to not only debut as the weekend’s best performing horror feature, but also top the box office among all foreign films too.

Busting Up Deep-Rooted Clutter

The Challenge – One of our newest consumer packaged good clients had a brand new product to introduce within a highly competitive marketplace dominated for decades by long-term brand spenders with massive budgets. AdMore helped deliver a comprehensive campaign utilizing national broadcast and cable to introduce the new brand, only to then segue into AdMore-exclusive, performance-based programmatic flights across 75 key cities on the campaign’s back end.

The Result – According to the client’s research, as soon as the AdMore-only flights began, product sales surged by more than 40 percent. The campaign led to significant gains in consumer awareness and brand favorability, while also producing double-digit increases in future intent to purchase. The short, 15-second creative was particularly effective, as viewers remembered key brand attributes after only one or two exposures, and broke through non-peak hours including late-night, short-attention-span TV.